Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ecco Trattoria in Weymouth, Massachusetts

Paul and I are huge proponents of supporting local, independent businesses whenever possible.  While living in the Twin Cities, that was very hard to do.  Especially when picking restaurants.  While there were independent restaurants to choose from if you drove into Minneapolis or St. Paul, finding a decent eatery close to our suburban home was impossible.  Too many Olive Gardens, Red Lobsters, and Applebees.

Not a problem here on the South Shore!  Last night we dined at  Ecco Trattoria, a fine dining Italian restaurant in our town of  Weymouth, MA.  This place is a wonderful gem!  From the moment we walked in the door, we were welcomed and made to feel like valued customers.  The small but comfortable store front restaurant has a great atmosphere, and would easily fit in the North End.

Service was prompt and friendly, with the waiter making sure we had what we needed without being pushy or annoying.  Both the girls asked for pasta with tomato sauce, not available on the kids menu, but were happily obliged with their "special order."  My eggplant fettucini and Paul's steak dinner were excellent.  Good portion size for the price.

We did not try the desserts, but the girls meals came with ice cream.  And not a Hoodsie cup either, but kid's sized sundae.

We will definatly make another trip to Ecco Trattoria in the future!

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